Puppy raising made easy

Oh sure, they’re cute alright. Cute and full of energy and altogether unaware of the rules of human society.

Good thing they’re cute!


Whether you’re looking for group classes or some convenient one-on-one support in your home,

we’ll help you maximize the cute and minimize the hassle of living with a puppy—

all while helping shape the ideal adult dog companion you’re looking forward to.

We had such a great time attending classes! You provided a very warm and welcoming environment for us to learn in. We truly did not know how to approach getting Marley off to the best start possible but I am very happy that we joined your class.  I really feel that we have a huge tool box of training approaches to move forward with.  Also, I love your approach of prevention before something becomes an issue rather then intervention after the issue is present. We will continue to reinforce what we have learned and look forward to more classes in the future." 


-Debbie Hollett & Family

3 REASONS to choose
Dynamic Canines puppy training:​
  1. Accredited puppy socialization program

  2. Peace of mind – truly fear and force free

  3. Real life problem solving and solutions

Puppy Start Right socialization class in St. John's Newfoundland

For puppies 8-16 weeks old!

Private puppy training

Customized puppy training.

Puppy Training Group Classes