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Why we’re Karen Pryor Academy educated - and what that means for you.


Most dog owners are surprised to learn that dog training is an unregulated industry. That means anyone can call themselves a trainer, with no requirement for education or certification, and no professional oversight or standards. You know those movie scenes of doctors in olden times using leeches and prescribing their own home-brewed tonics? That’s pretty much where we are in the dog training field, with many trainers using methods that are extremely outdated and unscientific.


Fortunately, we do have many decades of behavioral science to call upon, and serious professional dog trainers do have educational options. We chose the Karen Pryor Academy because it is widely considered the most rigorous and science-based school for dog trainers in addition to learning how to train other species of animals as this training method applies to any living organism whether it's a butterfly, marine mammal or a cat! The Karen Pryor Academy also holds its certified trainers accountable to the highest standards of training and client care and this is of utmost importance to us as we want the best for our clients and their pets, so we demand the best of ourselves. For us, this means the most modern education and a firm commitment to continuing education and professional development – KPA CTP certification requirements that are happily complied with in our quest to provide the most effective training services possible.

Force-free positive reinforcement clicker trainer

Truly force-free dog training - what it means

Behavioral science has proven that pain and coercion-based training often elicits aggressive behavior as a side effect (if you’ve ever experienced a rage response when hurt or frightened, this will come as no surprise.) Science also tells us that pain and fear inhibit learning. More and more these days you hear terms like “force-free” and “positive” training, but unfortunately these terms are often adopted by trainers who are still using outdated methods and tools. Truly force-free training uses only positive methods to attain effective results.


We are committed to force-free training because we believe it is critical to do no harm in our attempt to do good. So, there are no choke, prong, or shock collars, corrections or physical manipulation in our repertoire. We leave the leeches behind in favor or relying on modern behavioral science to guide our training methods. We want you and your pet to feel great about the training results we help you get—and about the way we help you get them.


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Rose Browne, Owner & Lead Trainer

Rose is a cross-over trainer. That means she once used some leeches herself, metaphorically speaking. After coming to the painful realization several years into her career that the training methods she employed were at best, suppressing behavior and at worst making bad behavior worse, she sought out new solutions for behavior problems with her own dog. 


After much self-study and research she eventually made her way to the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior and the world of clicker training—a fun and scientificly effective way to bridge the species communication gap and positively change behavior without the use of force. She graduated with distinction, earning the title Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner {KPA CTP} —the first trainer to do so in Newfoundland and Labrador.


An education junkie, Rose happily complies with KPA’s rigorous continuing education requirements, attending conferences, seminars and workshops with the top names and minds in the industry. In fact, she attends so many we couldn’t make room for them all here. You can review the list if you’d like to see for yourself just how committed Rose is to staying current in her field: Rose’s CV.


In addition to being a KPA-CTP Rose was also the first Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Instructor and the first Certified Fear-Free Animal Trainer Professional in Newfoundland and Labrador. She holds a Certificate of Excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis from Dr. Susan G. Friedman and has trained chickens with Terry Ryan (and a red-eared slider turtle, too). She is a Stop the 77! Presenter on dog bite prevention and has presented seminars in schools and day cares to promote dog-child safety.


Rose volunteers and supports various organizations in her community , including Beagle Paws NL,  Rescue NL, and Greyhound Pets NL. She also provides behavior workshops to local veterinary clinics, dog associations and clubs, and rescue organizations.


Rose is also a professional member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Fear Free Professionals, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, The Animal Behavior Education Network, the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians, and Doggone Safe.

Susan Penney, Assistant Trainer

When she’s not assisting or teaching in Dynamic Canines classes Susan is an occupational therapist.  She's a graduate of the KPA Dog Trainer Foundations course and the accredited KPA Puppy Start Right Instructors course. Susan maintains memberships with the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians and TEAM for access to a plethora of animal behavior seminars and web seminars. She is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild and is a rescue volunteer with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada.

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Our Guarantee to You


Our clients are everything. That’s why we guarantee:


Never to guarantee your dog’s behavior!

What?? you ask? But aren’t I hiring you to train my dog? Yes, but while our goal is the same as yours—to stop unwanted behavior and increase the good behavior you like—we cannot ethically guarantee specific behavior outcomes. In fact, our professional associations forbid doing so.

It makes sense when you consider it—how can one being guarantee the behavior of another?


To always work our hardest to get you results.

That all said, we’ll always overturn every stone and go the extra mile to get you the best behavior possible from your dog. We love to see our human and canine clients firing on all cylinders together—it’s why we do what we do!


To treat you with the same commitment to kindness, fun, and respect we offer your dog.

Positive reinforcement shouldn’t just be for the dogs—it should be for us all. That’s why you’ll find us wonderful to work and learn with. We work hard to make sure the training process is as enjoyable as the results on both ends of the leash!


We’d truly love to work with you and your dog.

Contact us about private training or our class programs today.

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“We’ve seen first hand the benefit that positive training can provide.”

"Working with the Dynamic Canines team has been a positive experience for Beagle Paws. Not only have they provided support and advice to our adoptive families, they have also been there on numerous occasions to help with our organizations goals. We have seen first hand, with many of our rescued beagles, the effect that reward and positive reinforcement training can provide."

–Sheila Lewis, President, Beagle Paws

A note from Rose: It’s been such a pleasure working with your fantastic organization.

Thank you for all the work you do to find these wonderful dogs their forever homes!