Puppy raising made easy

Oh sure, they’re cute alright. Cute and full of energy and altogether unaware of the rules of human society.

Good thing they’re cute!


Whether you’re looking for group classes or some convenient one-on-one support in your home,

we’ll help you maximize the cute and minimize the hassle of living with a puppy—

all while helping shape the ideal adult dog companion you’re looking forward to.

We had such a great time attending classes! You provided a very warm and welcoming environment for us to learn in. We truly did not know how to approach getting Marley off to the best start possible but I am very happy that we joined your class.  I really feel that we have a huge tool box of training approaches to move forward with.  Also, I love your approach of prevention before something becomes an issue rather then intervention after the issue is present. We will continue to reinforce what we have learned and look forward to more classes in the future." 


-Debbie Hollett & Family

3 REASONS to choose
Dynamic Canines puppy training:​
  1. Accredited puppy socialization program

  2. Peace of mind – truly fear and force free

  3. Real life problem solving and solutions

Puppy Start Right socialization class in St. John's Newfoundland

For puppies 8-16 weeks old!

Private puppy training

Customized puppy training.

Puppy Training Group Classes

Puppy Start Right Training Class

Welcome to puppy preschool. This four-week accredited program is a once in a lifetime (of your puppy) opportunity to give your pup the best start in life.  It focuses on ensuring your puppy has positive proactive experiences during the socialization period which is a critical early development process for building confident, easy-going adult dogs as well as dealing with typical puppy behaviors including; house training, nipping, chewing and jumping just to name a few. Looking forward to a dog who is calm and friendly around everyone, dog, and human? A dog who can easily roll with the punches and accompany you anywhere with grace and good manners? Socialization is the key, and it’s best done by 16 weeks of age as this is when puppies are most receptive to new and novel experiences. If you’ve got a young one, don’t wait!


Read why the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior urges you to take advantage of early puppy socialization classes to avoid common behavior problems in later life. 


Prior to attending our social experience class, your puppy must be seen by a veterinarian and meet the minimum health and vaccine requirements listed here.



Class Details
Open enrollment means you can start right away! *(Based on availability) 

Puppy Start Right Live & Online Classes ($250+HST)

Puppy Start Right Social Class ($30+HST)

*Exclusive to puppies enrolled in Live & Online Class*

*Program must be purchased a minimum of  5 days prior to starting class.


Class Eligibility: Baby puppies can start between 8 to 16 weeks of age

Click on the calendar** to check for dates and times and please review our puppy training policies before you register.

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Private Puppy Training

Puppy Jump Start Consult

Just need a little push in the right direction with your new pup? How about a single session in the convenience of your home? We’ll help you tackle house training, puppy biting (Ow!), and socialization for the prevention of behavior issues. If you’ve gotten a new puppy and are feeling a bit unsure where to begin, this consult is for you.


90-minute consult: $160 + HST


Please review our private training policies before your appointment.

*Due to current bookings our next availability  is  January, 2021 .*

Please contact us directly if you would like to be added to our cancellation wait list.


Puppy Start Right Package

All the same learning as in our Puppy Start Right class, but in the convenience of your home, fully customized to you and your puppy. Get great tips for easy puppy raising, learn how to properly socialize your puppy to help her grow up into a dog that your friends and neighbors will covet, and address any troublesome issues or training goals. 


4 one-hour weekly sessions: $375+HST

Includes: Puppy Start Right Book (Martin & Martin) videos and clicker


Please review our private training policies before your appointment.


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Meet Our Puppy Trainers

We LOVE puppies!

Really, though, who doesn’t?

What we love even more is helping our clients enjoy the best in their pups, and watching those pups grow up into well-adjusted, polite adult dogs through the power of positive training and socialization.


Learn more about us and how we train.

Rose Browne
KPA CTP dog trainer in Newfoundland and Labrador
Susna Penney

Call  #709-685-5610 or  send an email to schedule your private puppy training today, or sign up for puppy class using a link above.

A note from Rose: Thank you, Sara and Robert. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

“… a positive partnership between you and your dog…”

“What we learned in Dynamic Canines is that the relationship between you and your dog is much better as a positive partnership. When you both put in the work, as a team, you end up with a healthier happier everyone.”

–Sara & Robert King