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Due to new professional work opportunities our schedule is limited.
As a result, we are not able to offer any new private puppy packages or
group puppy programs at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Puppy?
Rest easy.

St. John's, NL's most trusted
puppy training experts are here to help.

We make raising your puppy into your best friend for life 
easy, every step of the way!

Puppies are Dynamic!

They are furry little learning machines, constantly changing and growing on their way to adulthood, and (to our exhaustion), constantly in motion.

Our puppy training programs are designed to slow that motion a bit (you’re welcome!) while helping your puppy develop into the dynamic canine of your dreams.

DCI-Nucleus 2018.png

Why start with us?

Puppy Training that's "Free"
You and your puppy deserve the best, and that means working
with a trainer using the most up-to-date, force free and fear free
certified training techniques.

Learn about humane dog training from the industry experts in animal behavior.
Professional Certifications and Extensive Experience
We know our stuff and have been training dogs and puppies
since 1995, but in an unregulated industry it’s critical to back experience
with professional education.  That’s why we have the most highly regarded
professional certifications and rigorous training behind us.

Learn more about our professional qualifications and certifications.
We Care Deeply 
We mean it! We love what we do and who we do it for.
We live to make puppy raising easier for you and nothing
makes us happier than your success. 

Learn four things you should know before you choose your trainer.

“…he is truly a different dog… I am speechless…”

Before the program my puppy was a good dog, but didn’t really listen to me.

It’s incredible the difference I’ve seen since we began, he is truly a different dog. Before training I was unable to get him to sit still for a minute, no matter how much exercise he got. I thought there was no way he would relax, ever. Now he’s much more calm. Sometimes I am left speechless with how well-behaved he is.”

–Kayla Pretty

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