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About Us - 
and you & your puppy.

Due to new professional work opportunities our schedule is limited.
As a result, we are not able to offer any new private puppy packages, or
group puppy programs at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why we train puppies

Simply put, to have the largest possible impact on you, your puppy, and your happiness together for life.

Puppy training is the ultimate example of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.


Whatever your vision of life with your dog, we’re guessing it doesn’t include your puppy growing up fearful or aggressive. Yet it happens all too often. Sadly, most of these disappointing (and sometimes tragic) situations are fully avoidable with the right kind of preventative puppy training.

We think of our puppy training work as a sort of
'behavioral vaccination' for your pup.


Having lived with and professionally trained both happy-go-lucky puppies and fearful ones, and easy-going dogs and quite challenging ones, we know how much easier it is to prevent and to address emerging problems than to overcome full-blown behavior issues.

Shy.Timid Corgi Pup BS.jpg

Puppies grow in many ways.

They outgrow their kennels, collars, and harnesses faster than we can keep up.

They grow from goofy little furballs to full-grown dogs in the blink of an eye.


But puppies do not outgrow fear.

In fact, they grow into it. And fear grows into all sorts of unwanted behavior, from stress and anxiety that keeps dogs from fully living their lives to barking, growling, and lunging that endangers their lives.


So our goal is simple and two-fold:

1. Make living with your puppy (whether she’s bouncy or timid) easier right now.

2. Make sure that living with the grown dog she’ll become is easy and joyful, too.

Why and How we train puppies the way we do

Behavioral science has proven that pain and coercion-based training often elicits aggressive behavior as a side effect. (If you’ve ever experienced a rage response when hurt or frightened, this will come as no surprise.)

Science also tells us that pain and fear inhibit learning. More and more these days you hear terms like “force-free” and “positive” training, but unfortunately these terms are often adopted by trainers still using outdated methods and tools. Truly force-free training uses only positive methods to attain effective results.


We are committed to force-free puppy training because we believe it is critical to do no harm in our attempt to do good. And we’re held to this promise as part of our KPA CTP agreement and pledge.

So NO choke, prong, or shock collars in our repertoire!

We leave those leeches behind in favor of relying on modern behavioral science to guide our training methods. We want you to feel great about the puppy training results we help you get—and the way we help you get them.


Learn more about How To Choose A Puppy Trainer

Small Puppy

Step 2: Grow with us

Continuing education for your new best friend, relief from tangly teenager for you!

Playful & Patient Pups Class

Happy Trails & Recall Class

Private Problem Solving

Live Educational Webinars

Learn more about training for puppies 5-9 months old.

Small Puppy

Step 3: Stay with us

Behavior polish for your dynamic canine a lifetime of perfect companionship for you!

Real-Life Manners Class

Private Finishing School Consults

Live Educational Webinars

Learn more about training for dogs 10 months & older.

Meet Rose Browne

Owner & Lead Puppy Trainer

Rose wants the best for her clients and their dynamic canines,

so she demands the best of herself and her team.

That means the best, most modern education and a firm commitment

to continuing education and professional development.

Below are some highlights of Rose's designations,

check out her CV for more details. 

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Karen Pryor Academy

Certified Training Partner

The Karen Pryor Academy is widely considered the most rigorous and science-based school for dog trainers, and holds its trainers accountable to the highest standards of training, continuing education (see Rose’s CV here), and client care.

Rose was the first trainer to earn the

KPA CTP designation in Newfoundland and Labrador, and graduated with distinction.

KPA Puppy Start Right Instructor

In addition to being a KPA-CTP Rose was also the first Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Puppy Start Right Preschool program is designed to set puppies up for a lifetime of success by focusing on critical developmental learning that can take place only in puppyhood.


KPA Puppy Start Right Online Preschool Curriculum Developer

To make this powerful curriculum available to more puppies and their people, the Karen Pryor Academy called on Rose to put her experience and expertise to work developing the Online Puppy Start Right Preschool program now used by fellow KPA trainers the world over.


Certified Fear-Free Professional

Only trainers with extensive training qualifications are invited to seek Fear-Free certification from the veterinary world.

Rose is the first Certified Fear-Free Animal Trainer in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate +

a couple other highlights

Rose holds a Certificate of Excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis from Dr. Susan Friedman and has trained chickens with Terry Ryan (and a red-eared slider turtle, too).

She is a Stop the 77! Presenter on dog bite prevention, and works hard to promote

dog-child safety.


Professional Memberships

Rose belongs to the Karen Pryor Academy Alumni, Fear Free Alumni, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and Doggone Safe.

Meet Our Co-Instructor Puppy Trainer

To be part of Dynamic Canines means to be committed to modern education and positive training methods—

but that’s probably become clear by now!

Susan Penney.2.jpeg

Susan Penney

When she’s not instructing in Dynamic Canines classes Susan is an occupational therapist and a canine education junkie with a strong passion for proactive husbandry care for veterinary and grooming procedures.


Susan is a Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor, a graduate of the KPA Dog Trainer Foundations course. She's completed the Better Veterinary Visits course through KPA and the Ready, Set for Groomer and Vet course with Laura Monaco Torelli, a world renowned expert and trainer in canine husbandry.


Susan maintains memberships in the Pet Professional Guild and TEAM for access to a plethora of animal behavior seminars and web seminars.

“Rose and her team were fantastic!”

They really set you and your puppy up for success. Rose’s education combined with her experience ensure you are provided with top quality techniques that are effective and manageable. I would highly recommend anyone located in Newfoundland or afar to contact Dynamic Canines!” – Melissa Wall

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