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We're so happy to celebrate the success of our clients
and their dynamic canines!


Scroll down to see why we Jump for Joy!

Lily Taylor PSR Testimonial_edited.jpg

"...we need more trainers like you"

"ROSE is seriously the best trainer out there. 

She makes her classes not only informative but very entertaining and encouraging.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into training the dogs and helping us to get a better understanding of our new puppy.

We need more trainers like you, who treat your dog as a family member and not just a pet. "

-- Hailey Gordon

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“Rose and her team were fantastic!”

“Rose and her team at Dynamic Canines were fantastic! They really set you & your puppy up for success.

Rose’s education combined with her experience ensure you are provided with top quality techniques that are effective and manageable.

I would highly recommend anyone located in Newfoundland or afar to contact Dynamic Canines!”

–Melissa Wall

“…a wonderful trainer… helped us immensely…” 

“Rose is a wonderful trainer. She totally understood our concerns, our challenges, and our worries.

She helped us immensely, not just with training Maisie but with understanding Maisie.”

–Bill Brennan & Annemarie Christie

Joanne Anthony_edited.jpg

"...a must do for new puppies!"

We wanted to give our puppy the best start in life and learn new skills (for us and puppy) and manage pesky puppy behaviors!

We've been able to change our puppy's jumping, biting, etc.  The solutions were all positive and focused on positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

[This program] is a must do for new puppies!"

-- Joanne Anthony

Fletchers Mom.jpg

"...I see the results..."

"My goal was to learn [loose leash] skills to keep us both out of trouble [walking]...I didn't know where to start!

Now, I have gotten more confident in my skills and I see the results in Fletcher's behavior.

The [training] works and if you put the effort in, it will have endurance."

-- Fletcher's Mom

“Marty was your typical puppy…”

“Marty was your typical puppy, biting, jumping, stealing.

You'll get so much understanding of what your puppy is doing and why, and that you are not alone!

With (even a little) knowledge and practice they can evolve into the well adjusted dog that every puppy

has the potential to be. You get the skills to teach them to be the dog you want,

not reactively trying to keep him from being the dog you [don’t].” –Glen P.

Heather and Anna Website 2021_edited.jpg

"...extremely knowledgeable trainers..."

“Before class: lots of pulling and frustration.

After: relaxed walks.

I love how there are lots of [walking] tools in the tool box and we practiced real life situations.

I loved the small class size, extremely knowledgeable trainers who are hands on, and lots of online resources in addition to the in-class experience with feedback in real time.

I highly recommend Dynamic Canines.”

-- Heather Strong

Kayla Pretty and Nino Website 2021_edited.jpg

"...connection with my strong..."

"Rose explains your dogs behaviour in a way that you are sure to understand. I now know my dog's behaviours are a reaction to fear or the situation he is put in, instead of assuming he is being a "bad dog." Being able to understand my dogs thought process and what is going on in his brain helps me to find ways that I can help him to feel safe, my connection with my dog has become so strong since beginning training, and [now] he looks for me in every situation, whereas before he did not pay attention to me at all. He is truly a different dog and sometimes I am left speechless with how well-behaved he is being."           

-- Kayla Pretty

“…it was much easier to work with my puppy…”

“I had the pleasure of participating with my puppy, Chip, in the online Puppy Start Right Preschool.

Rose and Susan were engaging and funny. They put the students at ease and made the learning experience for the puppy parents and puppies a delight. It was much easier to work with my puppy on the training without being in a distracted room full of people and other puppies.

Such a successful setup for learning. Chip and I had a blast!” –Debbie Martin

Due to new professional work opportunities our schedule is limited.
As a result, we are not able to offer any new private puppy packages, or
group puppy programs at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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