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Stay with us
We'll ALWAYS be here for you!

Ready to put some finishing polish on your dog’s manners?

New issues emerging as your dog reaches social maturity?


Like humans, dogs continue to evolve as they grow.

And like humans, dogs are at their best when they continue to learn.

We’re here to make that easy!


For returning dynamic canines we'll help:

Put the shine on your dog’s real-world manners

Solidify your dog’s focus on you

Address adult dog issues as they arise

Looking to enjoy the very best of your dog now and always?
Let’s make it happen!

Private Touch-Up Training 

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Need some help with a newly emerging problem?

Realizing your dynamic canine’s manners have

gotten a bit ‘ruff’ around the edges?


We really mean it when we say we’ll always be here for you!

Whatever you need, let’s schedule a Touch-Up session and take care of it together.



Returning Clients Private Touch-Up Session Details 

Ninety Minute in-person or live online consult session: $180.00+HST*

*Includes applicable handouts, resources, training videos, plus thirty minute follow up session*


If you need more than a touch up session we’ll customize a training package to tackle your specific training goals, from excess energy to basic manners training to more serious behavior issues like fear of or aggression toward family members, strangers, the vet, or other dogs. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, we’re here to help!

Returning Clients - 8 Session Package Details

  • 1.5 hour initial pressure-release and goal-setting consult

  • 7 1-hour private training sessions in-person or online

  • 1 30-minute post-training Zoom follow-up session

  • Homework handouts and training demo videos

  • Recordings of your sessions for private review

  • Weekly homework support

  • Clicker and treat pouch

Returning Client?

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Send us an email to schedule a private touch up session today.

“…a wonderful trainer… helped us immensely…” 

“Rose is a wonderful trainer. She totally understood our concerns, our challenges, and our worries.

She helped us immensely, not just with training Maisie but with understanding Maisie.”

–Bill Brennan & Annemarie Christie

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