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Online puppy training really works 

Here's why...

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We have come to LOVE working with our clients

and their puppies online.

The main reason?

Because we LOVE to see you get results,

and the results in our online programs have been amazing.


In fact, the only drawback as far as we’re concerned

is not getting to touch your adorable puppy. (Sigh to that.)


1. Learning is faster without all the distractions

We find that learning happens faster for the puppies and the people without the distraction and social pressure of other puppies and students in class, or even the physical presence of the trainer during a private sessions. Your puppy will find it much easier to focus on you, which means faster training results.


2. It’s so much easier to participate

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re busy! Online class sessions mean no travel, and online private sessions mean no need to straighten the house before we arrive. You get to train your puppy from the convenience of your home. Plus your puppy gets trained in your home, where training results count most. 


3. You never have to miss out—and that means better results

A central key to training success is consistency. Consistency is one reason our online programs are getting such good results. We never have to cancel class due to weather issues, which happen a lot in Newfoundland! Because you can attend from anywhere, you never have to miss class due to traffic or travel. And worst-case scenario if you do miss a session, or even part of it you have the recording to get caught up.


4. The whole family can get it on the action

As we said, consistency is central to success. It’s not just consistency in getting the training done, but in everyone being on the same page with your puppy, too. With online training, your whole family can participate—either live or by viewing the recording.


5. It’s super safe for everyone—humans and puppies

Whether you’re worried about COVID or concerned about puppy viruses, online training provides you and your puppy access to the benefits of early puppy training and socialization without any trepidations.

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“…can’t say enough great things about the whole experience…”

“I took the Puppy Start Right class via Zoom while in Alberta (super convenient!) and can’t say enough great things about the whole experience. Rose and her team really set you and your puppy up for success. I would highly recommend anyone located in Newfoundland or afar to contact Dynamic Canines!” –Melissa O’Reilly

“…it was much easier to work with my puppy…”

“I had the pleasure of participating with my puppy, Chip, in the online Puppy Start Right Preschool. Rose and Susan were engaging and funny. They put the students at ease and made the learning experience for the puppy parents and puppies a delight. It was much easier to work with my puppy on the training without being in a distracted room full of people and other puppies. Such a successful setup for learning. Chip and I had a blast!” –Debbie Martin

“The online component was our favorite part…”

“The online component was our favorite part of the program. It made it so convenient to attend the sessions. We wanted to give our puppy the best start in life… and learn to manage pesky puppy behaviors! We’ve been able to change our puppy’s jumping, biting, etc. [This program] is a must do for new puppies!” –Joanne Anthony

Don't just take our word for it!
Here are the kinds of things our clients are saying about training with us online:

Due to new professional work opportunities our schedule is limited.
As a result, we are not able to offer any new private puppy packages or
group puppy programs at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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