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Stay with us
We'll ALWAYS be here for you!

Ready to put some finishing polish on your dog’s manners?

New issues emerging as your dog reaches social maturity?


Like humans, dogs continue to evolve as they grow.

And like humans, dogs are at their best when they continue to learn.

We’re here to make that easy!


For returning dynamic canines we'll help:

Put the shine on your dog’s real-world manners

Solidify your dog’s focus on you

Address adult dog issues as they arise

Looking to enjoy the very best of your dog now and always?
Let’s make it happen!

Choose your path to Stay With Us:

Train n’ Play Mastering
Manners Classes
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Private Touch-Up Training 
Dynamic Webinar Series

Train n’ Play Mastering Manners Classes

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This unique program uses real-life training game challenges to build reliability into your pup’s basic manners cues like loose-leash walking, impulse control, coming when called,

and learning patience aka ‘stay’.


You’ll build your dog’s ability to focus and listen no matter where you are or what’s swirling on around you— whether it’s playing at the park, walking past a picnic, strolling on a busy sidewalk downtown, or stopping to have a chat with a friend and learn how to do this at your dog's pace and learning level.


You and your dynamic canine are going to have a blast in this class with our unique train n’ play games and you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish while having so much fun.

You’ve done all the foundation work with your puppy—now you get to reap the rewards!

 Train n’ Play Mastering Manners Class Details 

Train n’ Play for Life Investment $200+HST


Your pup's mastering manners for life investment includes:

4 in-person group puppy training sessions

Homework support handouts

Training clicker (because you can’t have too many!)

Class is for:
All current and returning Dynamic Canines
who’ve completed our entry level classes.

 Please review our training policies before you register.


Check out our FAQ, or Email us

Private Touch-Up Training 

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Need some help with a newly emerging problem?

Realizing your dynamic canine’s manners have

gotten a bit ‘ruff’ around the edges?


We really mean it when we say we’ll always be here for you!

Whatever you need, let’s schedule a Touch-Up session and take care of it together.


 Private Touch-Up Training Details 


per1-hour online or in-person consult for returning clients

+ a 10% discount on a customized training package if needed



Dynamic Webinar Series

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Join Dynamic Canines owner and lead puppy trainer

Rose Browne for lively continuing education

opportunities from the convenience of your home!


Rose tackles topics like tips for surviving puppy adolescence, nosy puppy enrichment,

canine body language, dog parks, detangling doggy diets, and more.


Single webinars are $20+HST

Buy a series of 3 for $45+HST

Dynamic Webinars are for:
All owners of a Dynamic Canine

Check out our FAQ

Meet Your Puppy Trainers 
We love puppies - YES even when they’re teenagers!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to see them behave a bit better! Adolescent puppies may not be quite as challenging
as the human variety, but they’re still a handful.

One of our favorite things is delivering much-needed
puppy behavior relief to our clients living with older pups.

Learn more about us, our professional training qualifications, and how we train.
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Ready for a dynamic dog?

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Call or email to schedule your

private puppy training today,

or sign up for class using a link above.

“…a wonderful trainer… helped us immensely…” 

“Rose is a wonderful trainer. She totally understood our concerns, our challenges, and our worries.

She helped us immensely, not just with training Maisie but with understanding Maisie.”

–Bill Brennan & Annemarie Christie

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