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Primer Hour

Puppy Primer Consult Hour

Need a bit of extra help?

A Puppy Primer hour may be just the thing!

Use your one-on-one hour to meet with Rose to help:

  • get ready for your pup’s arrival,

  • your new puppy get settled in,

  • set boundaries with the kids,

  • your pup and older dog get acquainted,

  • enjoy a guided play session between your puppy and a friend’s dog,

  • take a guided walk with a puppy trainer,

  • get a jump-start on housetraining

  • with whatever you need at the moment, you tell us!

 Puppy Primer Hour Details 

Helpful investment:  $115+HST per 60 minute session

These sessions are for baby puppies enrolled in our Puppy Start Right Programs.

During this puppy primer hour Rose will work with you directly to address your specific needs and turn the primer hour into happy hour for you and your puppy!

And we won't judge if you need some wine to get you through puppy whines - we've been there too!


Please review our private puppy training policies before you register.


8-16 weeks of age is the time to:

Tackle house training before bad habits set in

Teach your puppy to keep those sharp teeth off your skin and clothes

Show your puppy the world is a safe place

Help your puppy feel comfortable being left on her own

Lay the groundwork for an easy-going, social adult dog for life

Start the foundation for a well-behaved, responsive dog

Watch How We Train Puppies

Watch How We Train Puppies

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Meet Your Puppy Trainers 
We love puppies!
Really, though, who doesn’t?

What we love even more is helping our clients enjoy the best in their pups, and watching those pups grow up into well-adjusted,
polite adult dogs through the power of positive training and socialization.

Learn more about us, our professional qualifications, and how we train.
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Ready to start with your dynamic puppy?

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Call or email to schedule your

private puppy hour today.

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