Expert dog training in St. John's Newfoundland

Choosing a dog trainer is no easy thing. Your dog is part of your family.

You wouldn’t trust your child’s education to just anyone, and you want the best for your dog too; but in an unregulated industry, choosing the right professional is tricky.  

That’s why we’re a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

Why work with a KPA Certified Training Partner?

The Karen Pryor Academy is perhaps the most highly-regarded and rigorous professional dog training course available, and maintaining certified partnership requires continuing education - a commitment that’s happily undertaken to provide our clients with the most humane, effective, and scientifically sound dog training available.


Learn more about How To Choose A Dog Trainer in an unregulated industry.


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Puppy training St. John's Newfoundland
 Best dog trainers in St. John's Newfoundland
Private dog training St. John's Newfoundland


  • Basic Manners 

  • Mastering Manners

  • Specialty Classes

  • Modern Training Methods


  • Behavior Consultations

  • Dog and Child Safety

  • In-Home Training

  • Customized Plans


  • Accredited socialization classes

  • Start at 8 weeks!

  • Private In-Home Training

  • Pick a Puppy Service

The best for you and your dog,

because results matter

You work hard and your dog tries hard. You both deserve the best, and that means working with a highly educated, credentialed, accountable dog trainer who uses the most up-to-date, fear and force-free, scientifically-sound training techniques. Because the way we get results matters too.


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St. john's newfoundland dog trainer, Rose Browne
Hello, I’m Rose Browne,
Dynamic Canines Owner

My team and I want the best for you and your dog, but I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that good intentions aren’t good enough. That’s why, many years into my dog training career, I became a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner.


Learn more about my story and professional qualifications

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner KPA CTP in St. John's Newfoundland

Contact us about private training or our class programs today. We can’t wait to help!

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“Dynamic Canines are simply the best out there. Our Great Dane completed classes and one-on-one sessions and has grown from a shy, tentative, reactive puppy to a social, playful, obedient, well rounded adult. Her progress has been astounding. The use of scientifically proven, force-free methods, delivered by friendly, knowledgeable, and accredited staff made Dynamic Canines the obvious choice for us. We cannot say enough good things about our experience!”

– Heather & Darryl Maddigan

A note from Rose: It was a tremendous joy watching Berlin’s transformation! Congratulations on a wonderful dog.

It was lovely working with all three of you!

“… simply the best… our dog’s progress has been astounding”